Taxotere and Long Lasting Hair Loss

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is a dreaded side effect for many cancer patients. In many cases, it’s off-putting enough to make them consider refusing this treatment. Nevertheless. patients are frequently encouraged to undergo chemotherapy, despite such concerns, because of chemo’s  cancer-fighting benefits. Alopecia, patients are assured, only occurs during treatment. After concluding their chemo cycles, most survivors of cancer look forward with great anticipation to the restoration of their hair, which is an important visual marker of their recovery.

cancer patient enters beauty pageantHowever, breast cancer survivors who took the drug Taxotere never really noticed their hair restored to a pre-treatment condition as they’d expected and hoped for. Tragically, it was only much later that these women would find out about early medical research linking Taxotere to long term hair loss, which is different than Taxol, a closely-related medicine that scientists believe is equally effective but much less likely to cause lasting alopecia.

Now, patients are filing lawsuits against the Taxotere manufacturer Sanofi, alleging that the company purposely kept information hidden about the drug’s uniquely toxic effect on hair follicles to in order to improve sales at the expense of patient safety. Many people are not sure what to do if they have been the victim of this. The Taxotere Lawsuit Aid has more informatino about what to do if you believe you may have rights to claim in this case.

Taxotere is associated with a relatively high incidence of long lasting hair loss when held in comparison to the majority of other chemotherapy drugs, including Taxol, an earlier drug that Taxotere was actually developed as an alternative to.

hair loss from taxotere

The ingredients in Taxol and Taxotere are structurally similar and operate in a near-identical way, as they’re both taxanes, plant-based radiation treatment agents that attack malignancy by inhibiting reproduction of the cells. Research has demonstrated that the two drugs generally have displayed very similar levels of efficacy for breast cancer and other shared FDA-approved indications, but as we’ll see, Taxotere has a far more powerful association with long term loss of hair.

Currently, researchers are busily working hard to understand just why Taxotere appears to hold a higher risk of long lasting, or permanent, loss of hair in patients than any other chemotherapy drug, such as the closely-related Taxol. See also

Can the effects of Taxotere on hair loss be prevented, or even reversed? Unfortunately, in this day and age, reversing the effects of hair loss is a highly difficult undertaking. The best option for an individual who has already lost their hair is undergoing hair transplantation. Preventing hair loss, however, is a task that has had more success than attempted reversal. One such way of doing this is by use of scalp cooling.

Scalp cooling is when patients are given caps to put over their hair that keep the area cool. The idea behind this is to slow down induction of the medicine Taxotere into the cells, and a moderate level of success has been shown. This is a continuing debate, as it can be difficult to assess whether the effectiveness comes from the actual cooling or other factors. Cooling the scalp has been recognized by Aetna to be effective.


In conclusion, research must be done before agreeing to take any sort of medication. Knowing the side effects of each medicine, and how it can possibly permanently affect you is of utmost importance. Also important is knowing how to prevent, or even reverse, these side effects if any should occur.

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Building a Site in the Health Niche – Limu Case Study

One web designer that we’ve been following is a man named Franz Zeichdurden. Franz is a health enthusiast in Denmark who prides himself in creating beautiful websites that are interactive and engaging. He works a lot in the health niche because it’s his passion and he knows so much about it (which allows him the opportunity to also sell content services).

This particular case study was done for a company called Limu Juice. You can check out their site here to follow along this post while we describe the work that was done and how well this site converts. Before we go into it, keep in mind that this is an unbiased case study and it will include both the up sides and down sides of this website.

Limu Website Case Study

One of the biggest troubles that web designers have today is that they focus too much on design and not enough on user experience (UX). That means there’s often times too many flashy images and gadgets working which will all slow down the website. However the first thing we noticed with Limu Juice Online is that it is very fast. The images on the home page are all well compressed while still maintaining good quality looks. This was impressive to say the least. Franz did a great job ensuring that users would not bounce from this website upon their visiting.

After scrolling down the page we saw the first mistake which is that this theme seems to stop you from scrolling down as it presents the featured products. This could be annoying for repeat visitors, however it wouldn’t be so bad for people who are new to the website. We’re sure that the guys at Limu Juice have gotten frustrated with this. Franz should pay a little more attention to details like these, because often times they result in bad reviews.

assistant web designer

The next thing we noticed is that the site is lacking a proper disclaimer. All over the internet you can find legal disclaimers for health sites which will keep you out of trouble. These disclaimers usually say something about the fact that their site does not make any promises and that it’s not intended to replace the advice of a competent doctor. This is important for any website that promotes health products and their benefits. Although we could upbraid Franz for this point, Limu Juice is equally at fault. This is not necessarily a point of design.

In moving forward we noticed that they have a 3-teired silo on the site for all their products. From the homepage you can go to a products page which lists the products being sold. Each of the products on the site has a page of their own. From there you can even find links to nutritional information about each of the products. This is great for SEO value.

Next we saw the contact page which was nothing more than ordinary. We were surprised that Franz didn’t spend more time on this. Although a contact page isn’t necessarily the primary focal point of any website, it’s important to us that every website we look at is going to be an amazing experience for the user.

Overall Franz did a good job building an e-commerce site for buying limu products and we commend him for it. The site is great for new users and repeat users. We thank him for this case study and invite him back to let us view more of his work. If you’re ever in need of web design advice, please reach out to him.

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iStopOver in Barcelona, Formerly Vacapedia

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Vacapedia Screenshot

vacapedia site


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Vacapedia Acquired by iStopOver

Vacapedia has been acquired by iStopOver. If you would like more information on the transition, you can check out these well-written articles from TechCruch and TechVibes:

iStopOver Acquires Vacation Rentals Site Vacapedia


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